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NotePad++ software screenshot Notepad++ is your Notepad replacement that is a free open source software governed by the GPL License. Notepad++ free software runs in the MS Windows environment and supports several languages for your convenience. If a translation is not already present, you are encouraged to translate Notepad++ free software into your native tongue by using the Binary Translations page.

Notepad++ free software also offers its users a wide collection of plug-ins for individualized needs, a brilliant editing component based on the editing component Scintilla and an exceptional source code editor. Additionally, in efforts to sustain a greener environment, install Notepad++ using less CPU power to help reduce power consumption and emit lower carbon dioxide emissions.

With Notepad++ download user friendliness, high execution speed, smaller program size and sustainability practices, this free software is the clear choice for all of your editing needs!

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Notepad++ is Perfect for Web Developers Looking for a Powerful HTML and XML Editor

Notepad++ is an amazing open source text editor that is a great replacement for the traditional Microsoft Window’s Notepad application. In addition to basic text editing, Notepad++ is perfect for a web developer looking for a lightweight and easy to use HTML and XML editing application. If you are a text-based editing web developer, don’t pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for web editing suites that are bloated. Notepad++ free download gives you all of the features you want and none of the graphical editing tools you don’t want.

Problem-Free Software

Open source software can be a gamble sometimes. One never knows if the program is full of adware, gray-ware or spyware. You can also never tell by a review or recommendation if an open source program does everything that is advertised. Then, one worries that if they have a question, problem or concern, who can they turn to for answers and assistance. Rest assured, all of these problems are non-existent for users of Notepad++. There are very few open source projects that are as well-documented and community-supported as Notepad++. has a complete Wiki dedicated to the users of Notepad++ that also include step-by-step instructions on how to add additional functionality and tools to the program. This is accomplished through the Notepad++ plug-in feature.

Notepad++ Features

Most text editors cannot support the creation of active HTML links or let users modify text styles in the basic text-editing window. But, Notepad++ allows for editing clickable links without carrying text onto another line, thus breaking the intended link. Additional helpful tools include macro editing, shortcut creation and support for multiple text input styles such as ANSI and Unicode. Web developers will appreciate the ease of use and the lightweight install that Notepad++ offers. The wide support of HTML and XML languages and active link editing really set this program apart from the bloated commercially available packages and the built-in tools offered by Microsoft.